SEO can benefit your business in several different ways. While organic search is an effective and cost-efficient way of generating sales, there are many other roles it can play. Here are some of the things SEO might be able to do for you;


Whether you want to sell physical products or services, get people to sign up for your mailing list, generate leads and inquiries, or download a file, SEO is one of the best ways to get qualified prospects to your site, at scale, and without any direct cost.

You might sell a few dozen or hundreds of thousands of products, but regardless of the size of your inventory, you can use search volume data to determine the demand in the market for each product or each category of products. Combining this data with conversion metrics and average order values can provide powerful insights as to where your focus should be in terms of maximising both volume and margin.


Are you running a start-up and wondering how you can get your brand out there without spending tens or hundreds of thousands on above the line ads? SEO is a great way to position your brand as an authority with your space.

By creating content that addresses the queries and concerns of potential future customers, you can get your name in front of a large audience and build brand awareness that will in-turn send more traffic to your site.


Do you have a loyalty programme or an ‘account’ area on your website where existing customers can sign in? Are your customers able to find this part of your site in Google? Many businesses take it for granted that the right pages will show up when existing customers search for ‘[barnd] my account’ or ‘[brand] account login’ but this isn’t always the case.

Retaining existing customers can, of course, be cheaper than acquiring new ones, so an SEO strategy that takes into account the needs of current customers can both make users more satisfied, and cut down on new customer acquisition costs


SEO isn’t just for websites. Do you have a brick and mortar business (or several) that you want potential customers to find when they perform relevant searches nearby? Google My Business profiles can help with this, and offer a quick way to start getting some visibility and traction in your local area, without even needing to build a website


As well as making the pages on your site more visible to potential customers, SEO techniques can also help to hide sensitive content that shouldn’t be available to the general public. These techniques can be used to stop this information from appearing on search engines temporarily, or on a permanent basis.


I have 9+ years of experience delivering SEO successes in all of the roles I’ve been in. I’ve improved organic performance for many different types of sites across a range of verticles and worked closely and collaboratively with several different teams including eCommerce, Product, P&L, Development, PPC, CRM and Content.

I have experience in ALL aspects of SEO from technical audits to link building campaigns. I’ve worked as a solo SEO, as well as part of a wider team, plus I’ve managed a few different global media agencies. Take a look at some of the sites I’ve worked with.

who I've worked with

If you want to learn more about my career history (why wouldn’t you?!), check out my about page.


If you have a specific project in mind that you need SEO help with, great, if not, and you need a more generalised service, that’s fine too.

I’m happy to work on a time-sensitive task such as a new site launch, site migration or manual penalty recovery; alternatively, if you need someone to assist and mentor your existing digital marketing team, or simply provide support and advice to you as the business owner I can be flexible to your specific requirements.

I can work remotely or travel to your office on a fixed-term or one-off basis. I’m based in Crawley in South-East England so I’m able to travel into most areas of London easily, as well as most places in Surrey, Sussex, Kent and Hampshire.


My current day rate is £350+VAT and excluding any travel (N.B. this is subject to change as a result of how much demand I might be in!) this is negotiable based on the scope and length of the project, and I’m happy to arrange a custom rate if necessary.